Advantage® Flea Treatment for Dogs 10-25kg, 4 pack

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Advantage® Flea Treatment for Dogs  10-25kg,  4 pack


Advantage is fast, efficient flea control. Non-systemic, trusted and gentle

Fleas can make your life a misery. However, Advantage will stop fleas biting in 3-5 minutes and can kill adult fleas within just one hour of contact of a treated animal. Then, wherever your pet goes, it spreads Advantage protection, killing the flea larvae that lurk around your home.

  • Kills fleas fast.
  • Easy to use topical application
  • Fleas don’t have to bite your pet to be killed. Reduced bites means less irritation
  • Works quickly and continues to kill adult fleas for a month
  • Also kills flea larvae in the pet’s environment
  • Safe to use on puppies and pregnant bitches


To help protect your pets and your home against fleas, use a regular flea treatment on all pets in the household, throughout the year.

Active Constituents

100g/L Imidacloprid