About Us

Our bright new clinic was designed and equipped to provide all your fur and feathered pets with the very best of veterinary care in a caring and stress-free environment as possible.

Join us as we take you through some of the state of the art features of our caring vet clinic.  Stress reduction starts in the waiting area, where a quiet corner is set aside for cats only.  Surfaces to raise the cages above the floor and towels to cover cages with, helps keep kitties calm and happy.

Moving on we reach our prep area where non-sterile procedures are undertaken.  Here we have the very latest in dental equipment, the iM3 high speed/low-speed dental machine with an ultrasonic scaler, which allows us to descale below the gum line.  Check out the perils of periodontal disease in our “Life Time Care” section of this website.

On to the theatre, fully sterile to performed every procedure from the simplest to the most complex of surgeries.  Your pet will be fully monitored while under anaesthetic by our qualified nursing team and human-grade sterility procedures are used throughout.

Through to the hospital area.  Separate dog and cat cage areas help keep stress to a minimum. Our cat cages are fitted with clear Perspex cage doors, enabling easy observation and noise reduction to allow for a more relaxed recovering or long term nursing environment. 

Our dedicated diagnostic room is full of the latest equipment to undertake extensive non-invasive diagnoses of any conditions your pets may have.  The latest in digital X-rays provides clear crisp images and our state-of-the-art Toshiba human standard ultrasound machine is equipped with a variety of linear and convex probes to allow us to scan the larger dogs through to small cats and kittens. Relying on safe high frequency sound waves, ultrasound allows us to capture live images from inside the body and allows the detail within these organs to be assessed.

Our new Olympus CX23 microscope offers a 4 x up to a 100 x oil immersion magnification allowing us to visualize the larger skin mites such as Demodex right down to the smallest bacteria such as staphylococcus.

Swift and accurate diagnosis is supported by our Abaxis blood machines. From anemia to parvovirus, this machine enables us to make a swift diagnosis, critical in an emergency or out-of-hours situation.  For more detailed analysis we are supported by our out of clinic laboratory SVS Labs, the newest laboratory in New Zealand, staffed with pathologists on-call to discuss cases at any time.

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