Blood Analysis

In-house, we have the Abaxis blood machine. This enables us to do a range of complex blood analyses.

The Abaxis VETSCAN HM5 haematology analyser looks at red blood cells, white blood cells and platelet numbers in the blood. This quickly allows us to assess patients for anaemia and other serious conditions such as low platelet levels.

The Abaxis VETSCAN V52 chemistry analyser can test liver and kidney function, blood protein levels, electrolytes and glucose levels quickly and accurately. It can also test thyroid and cholesterol levels.

Our VETSCAN V52 measures glucose levels and in addition, we also have a smaller handheld glucometer that can be used to measure 2 hourly blood glucose levels in our diabetic or critically ill patients. This glucometer is specifically calibrated for cats and dogs and can run blood glucose using a very small amount of blood.

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