Prime of Our Lives - Adult Dogs and Cats

Dogs and cats are generally considered to be fully adult at 18 months - 2 years of age. Smaller dogs mature quicker than larger breeds. Now is the fun time for adventures, play and companionship.


Booster Vaccinations

Dogs – current recommendations are yearly for leptospirosis and kennel cough, 2 yearly for parvovirus

Cats - are vaccinated annually.


Dental Care

Keeping those pearly whites pearly isn’t just to keep the breath fresh.  Periodontal disease can lead to heart problems and impacts overall health.  Feeding a raw diet with fresh bones will significantly help. Tarter, gum inflammation and bad breath should be investigated further.


Annual Check

An annual check for your pet is just like a WoF for your car.  It will pick up any minor issues and prevent them from becoming major ones.  We offer a special annual check consultation which will ensure your pet is in tip-top condition!


Travelling with your pet

Always travel with your cat in a cage and your dog either in a seat harness or in a cage.  In event of an accident, it will prevent them from becoming a live projectile in the car and they will travel better being able to brace against something. Travel sickness is usually something that pets grow out of but there are remedies available. Talk to us if this remains a problem.  Even on overcast days, cars heat up very rapidly.  Always leave windows open or have the air con on when travelling and never leave a pet in a car for an extended period whatever the weather.



Dogs going through teenage phases too!  Your well-trained puppy may seem to disappear but ongoing training will bring them back. Talk to Nicole in the clinic for information on teenage training.



We are passionate about sharing with you the benefits of having your pets fed on an appropriate prey diet.  A diet that they were designed to eat.

Prey Pet food use New Zealand owned companies that supply us 100% locally sourced meat. (We are helping NZ become predator-free in the process!) Our mission is to optimise the health of your pets & help them live longer & healthier lives. We believe here at Prey that our pets should be eating yummy, nutritious, unprocessed, locally sourced food. Our own pets agree!