Our new Olympus CX23 microscope offers a 4 x up to a 100 x oil immersion magnification allowing us to visualize the larger skin mites such as Demodex right down to the smallest bacteria such as staphylococcus (see images). This is very important for us to allow us to work up all itchy skin cases properly.

Cells are also easy to stain and visualize under this microscope. We can sample all of your pet’s lumps and bumps and check with the microscope whether we think we need to remove them or monitor them.

Blood smears can be assessed using our microscope, and combined with our in house haematology machine, we can assess a blood sample for any anaemias, platelet or white blood cell problems that may be occurring.

Urine sediments can also be assessed under the microscope allowing us to check for crystals and the presence of urinary tract infections.

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