Dental Procedures

Dental disease is the most common clinical condition in cats and dogs over the age of three. Regular dental care is an important part of preventative health care in pets as it is with ourselves. It is easy to forget the state of our pet's gum health until their unpleasant breath becomes overpowering.

Unfortunately, gum disease can rapidly become an irreversible process where a change to more aggressive bacteria leads to hidden pockets developing around the teeth. This is called periodontal disease and ultimately leads to tooth loss.

We offer your pet the latest in high tech dental procedures. We have invested in a top of the line iM3 dental high speed and low-speed dental machine with a special iM3 ultrasonic scaler that can be used under the gum line. This is the most important area to be cleaned. This combined with our experience allows us to rapidly assess and perform dental procedures on your pet.

Dental procedures range from an ultrasonic scale and polish to full mouth extractions.

We provide your pet with full general anaesthesia combined with local anaesthesia and post-dental pain relief to ensure a pleasant experience and a rapid return to comfortably eating again.

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