General Surgery

We have a completely dedicated sterile surgery room with protocols in place for the very highest level of sterility. We use hospital gowns, masks, hats and gloves during all surgical procedures. All our surgical equipment is sterilised in one of the very latest technology sterilisers available on the market. We use hospital quality suture material.

All our procedures involve the use of a fully trained, experienced, anaesthetic monitoring technician as well as utilising very high-tech equipment such as pulse oximetry and blood pressure analysis to keep your pet safe.

In addition, all our surgical procedures involve your pet having intravenous fluids throughout the procedure. Your pet will be lying on a state-of-the-art, heated, electric operating table. We have incredible lighting available from a fully adjustable LED surgical light attached to the ceiling and a further fully mobile LED light.

Both Dr Barrowman and Dr Goodman are very experienced general surgeons.

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