Our First Steps - Puppies and Kittens

Whether your puppy or kitten has come from an animal charity or direct from a breeder, try and get as much background history as you can.  Puppies and kittens should not leave their mother before 8 weeks and will have had their first vaccination injection. 

If you are interested in a certain breed do your homework before approaching breeders. Be aware of certain health issues that may go with certain breeds of cats and dogs. There is a lot of information online and specialist breed societies will be happy to provide information.


Bringing your pet home

It a big step coming home! For cats keep them contained indoors, with a litter tray, for at least the first three weeks.  In this time they should recognise home and the smell of their people.  The whole family need to consistent with handling and words of command, particularly with young pups who learn very quickly between 8 and 12 weeks if you are consistent.

Introducing new pets to current pets usually is easy.  Keep under supervision and give them plenty of physical space and an escape route.



Puppies should be vaccinated at 8, 12 and 16 weeks, with a booster on their first birthday to complete the course.

For kittens, current recommendations are vaccination at 8 or 9 weeks and then 3-4 weeks later.


Worming and Flea

All puppies and kittens should be wormed fortnightly until 12 weeks of age.  Combined flea and worm treatments can be given after that age.  There is a wide selection available and we are happy to advise.



Kittens can be de-sexed from 4 months.

We recommend de-sexing for all dogs not specifically intended for breeding.  Every puppy is different, depending on breed and size, different ages are appropriate for de-sexing. Have a chat with us about what is best for your individual pet.



We are passionate about sharing with you the benefits of having your pets fed on an appropriate prey diet.  A diet that they were designed to eat.

Prey Pet food use New Zealand owned companies that supply us 100% locally sourced meat. (We are helping NZ become predator-free in the process!) Our mission is to optimise the health of your pets & help them live longer & healthier lives. We believe here at Prey that our pets should be eating yummy, nutritious, unprocessed, locally sourced food. Our own pets agree!



Every interaction with your pet is effectively training.  Puppy playschool is available, check in-clinic for details.  Socialisation for dogs is critical, particularly in those early weeks. We have our own behavioural nurse Nicole Marston, who can discuss options and any concerns.